The 3rd International Montessori Convention (IMC 2013)


International Montessori Conventions 2013

Date: 6th & 7th July 2013
Venue: Dewan Pulau Pinang 1
Menara PGRM, Jalan Pudu Ulu,
56100, Kuala Lumpur

The third time round, Success Marks is organizing an International Montessori Convention (IMC 2013), themed “Montessori-The Frontier of Early Education”.

This IMC 2013 will bring together various reputable speakers who are experts in their field to speak on the development and various aspects of Montessori philosophy and teaching. The topics that will be covered in the Convention are thoroughly researched and chosen for the benefit of participants, and in addressing the central theme of this convention:“Montessori-The Frontier of Early Education”.

The highlights of the convention are:-
1) Assessment practices used by Montessori teachers
2) Cognitive and emotional dimensions of Montessori education
3) Creating harmony and fulfilling the child’s current needs
4) Creating Montessori inspired activities for special children
5) Discovering children’s natural curiosity
6) Enrichment of vocabulary in Montessori
7) Fun DIY activities for young children
8 ) Honouring and maintaining the high standards of Montessori education
9) Instructions, strategies and materials for classroom lesson-Art, Mathematics, Music, and Science
10) Montessori education and its current development
11) Montessori for educators, teachers and trainers in the era of technological boom
12) Montessori strategies for learning and positive reinforcements
13) Nurturing aspect for self, others and the environment
14) Providing the best possible learning environment for the child
15) Raising public awareness and understanding Montessori education
16) Recognizing the child’s natural psychological development
17) Setting up a modern and vibrant resource area
18) teaching phonics the Montessori way
19) The Montessori classroom-;lesson planning strategies & self-correcting
20) The neurology of Montessori

The objective of IMC 2013 is to bring together all learning institutions, educators, teachers, students as well as parents who are involved in one way or another with Montessori approaches of teaching and learning to understand and appreciate the various aspects of Montessori education and its latest developments.

This 2-day Convention will be held at Dewan Selangor, Menara PRGM Kuala Lumpur on 6th and 7th July 2013. For more information on IMC 2013, visit or call 603-2142 2000


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